Friday, 19 April 2019

Second Volunteer Program #OutreachLeryar

“Leap of Iman”

This outreach is my second community service program. The program was scheduled at Kampung Orang Asli Leryar, Pahang on 14 th – 17 th of March 2019. Kampung Orang Asli Leryar has the total of 70 houses with 320 residents staying there. Namely “Leap of Iman”, this time JASA brings the theme “Strengthen Faith Among People”

This outreach will be participated by 40 members from JASA club. The objective is to expose us with the aboriginal community while enhance their inner skill to develop a good Muslim or Dai’e that can communicate well with the society. Other objectives are To get close with ALLAH s.w.t in order to get blessings and reward from Him, to practices the Islamic teachings to Orang Asli, to strengthen the relationship between Orang Asli and all members of JASA IIUM and to introduce the lifestyle of Orang Asli to the new members of JASA IIUM.


Our main theme for this event is “strengthen Faith Among People”. We have decided to choose this theme as it will help us to focus on strengthen the Islamic foundation among villagers and increase the bond between the villagers and JASA members. With regards to the non-muslim villagers, JASA is aiming to inculcate affection and spread them in terms of education, basic needs and moral supports. In addition, it is to enhance the dakwah skills among the members of JASA club and get to know and improve their own capability in communicating with the community especially Orang Asli.

This second opportunity also gave me a very valuable experience and moments to remember. I am looking forward to other chances to contribute to community. InshaAllah.


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