Sunday, 10 February 2019


Disclaimer: I dont check my grammar. But feel free to judge my grammar! I dont mind :) and yeah, i'm still learning how to write better in english.


I'm back.
I just want to express my feelings here, though only 5 people view my previous post aha! Nah, i dont mind. I dont post because of views anymore (yeah, I used to post because of the rating -_-)

Actually, i think i have a problem. I'm so confused right now whether i need to make appointment with counselor or not.

Last year, I got family's problemS. Yeah, lots of problems. I barely can manage all the problems. After that, I changed. I'm not the same person like before.

20 years. I used to mingle with stranger easily. I can go anywhere alone, make friends within an hour. I can socializing with people happily. I was a person who happy all the time. I also liked to volunteer in anything, leadership, debate, or short speech in front of people.

But today, for almost 4 months, I still can go anywhere alone, but I dont know how to make friends anymore. I hate to know new people. I dont like to be with stranger, I dont want to socialize with people, I stop volunteer in anything.

I still seem to be happy-go-lucky in front of my friends, my family.

Yet, every night.... I cried. I become over-sensitive in anything. Even if my friends replied my chat without emoji or without any tone, my mood will change in a second. I overthinking everything.

I dont know.....

Sometimes, I just want to disappear from everyone. I want people to forget me. I just want.


  1. oh why..??? what had happen to u?? whats going on..??
    no matter how hard it is.. please be strong... no one will understand how hard we see the things we are facing but please know that Allah know whats best for us.... what had happens to us from his Willings... please be strong... we probably cannot be the one we had been before bcoz we can only be better... please have the courage to stand up again n face everything like a superhero... ur are the superhero of ur self saving ur own life n ur own future.. u matter... Allah loves u...

    1. Thank you so much :') I think I really need to read this kind of comment. Thanks! I will try to be stronger than before inshaAllah. Allah loves you too! <3


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